Saturday, September 22, 2007

Week Two!

Well, it is the end of the second week and tomorrow will begin our third. I have come to see our whole house from a doggie perspective. This, for example, used to just be our entry way. You know, a good place to shake off dirt and mud before walking on the carpet. Little did I know it is the coolest place (besides the bathroom floor, of course) to lay around if you're hot or tired. The canvas chair is a hammock. The couch is a whole landscape of sleepiness. The windows are vital portals to the outside world. He has taken it as his household duty to observe and catalog all the people and creatures that wander across his radar screen. Don't worry, he doesn't keep the information to himself! We're learning a lot from him. Did you know there is a pair of cats that hang out by my garbage can at midnight? Joey told me about them. He finds their behavior audacious. So here he is, chilling out amongst our shoes after a long Saturday of running around. Happy two week-iversary, Joey.

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