Thursday, September 13, 2007

Favorite things to do...

Joey likes to sleep on the orange chair. He also likes sleeping in front of the front door or in front of the back door. He likes sleeping on the couch (either end is fine with him) and any patch of carpet pretty much anywhere is good for a nap. He likes his squeaky toys, particularly a small stuffed beaver named Special Patrol Unit (a.k.a. 'Slimy,' a.k.a. 'S.P.U.') The poor thing has already needed minor surgery to keep its head on. Joey likes him a lot. Of course he likes his walks and knows all the dogs and cats on his normal route. He likes looking out the window and barking at little dogs. Peanut butter flavored snacks are okay, but liver is the bomb. Let's not even talk about cheese. Maybe the most fun, outside of cuddling, is sitting with fellow house humans on the front step, watching the street life go by and enjoying the weather.

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