Sunday, September 16, 2007

Play Time

Finally Joey is showing some interest in his toys. I am hoping he will like them and play with them when he has to be home alone. I read about how other dogs love their Kongs and just go crazy for them. When we gave one to Joey he was kind of like, "cool color" and left it alone. He was willing to lick out some peanut butter, but not if it was too much effort. Cream cheese, on the other hand is worth some serious work. It may be hard to see, but in Joey's world this is what being extremely busy looks like.

You can see the sore on his shoulder in this picture. This was a result of poor past grooming and has been on the mend since he entered the shelter. It looks worse than it actually is, and is healing nicely. What is interesting about Wheatens is that when new hair grows in, it is the color of their puppy hair which is typically darker than their mature shade. So he'll have a brown spot there even after the skin has totally healed, until the hair lightens.

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